Dancing IS a sport..

Since this is my first blog post and you have no idea who i even am, i guess i will start there.  No i am not some crazy perverted guy talking about dancing nor am i a crazed girl talking about how things should be done, i am just gonna talk about the things i know and from my point of view. I guess then i’ll start at the beginning to let you really get to know me.  My name is Miranda Wright.. yes i know i have heard ALL of the jokes my dad named me, he just so happens to be a cop too, so you get the picture. I have lived in Oklahoma all of my life, for those of you that live here also have heard of Union Schools, and that is also where i went to school.  I started dancing at the age of 3 and took every dance class that i could take for the next twelve years, whether that be: tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, gymnastics, cheer. Yes, i really did try EVERYTHING, when finally at age 15 i found my niche in life when my mom enrolled me into Pom (the correct name would be Pom-Pon, but since that’s an ugly name to be called i’m gonna keep calling it Pom haha).  Wow i loved it, the dancing, the looks you get wearing the uniform, and not to mention missing classes for pep rallies, what MORE could a child ask for? So this all brings me to the bigger picture: Is dancing a sport?

I think personally coming from a person that has oh about 19 years experience on the issue would definitely call dancing on any level a sport. I think the people that are saying it isn’t a sport are the ones that have not went and took an actually dance class, and maybe just sat on the sides and watched.  I know all four of my high-school years were devoted to being the best dancer i knew how to be. Not just for me but also for my team. Because once you are in that uniform, and the team stands on that nationals floor it isn’t just one person out there its the whole team. I would go to practice 3 hours before school and practice with my team 5 days a week plus one day a week after school for another 2 hours then sometimes Saturday practice as well. So if that is not called a “sport” i want to know what you call it. I know that there is a lot of controversy on this issue and i really want to know what you readers think?

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8 Responses to Dancing IS a sport..

  1. maggiefair90 says:

    I danced from when I was about five years old to when I graduated high school two years ago, and I definitely agree with you that dancing is a sport! I don’t know how people can say that it’s not; it’s obviously a workout! Dancing got me into shape and kept me there my whole life, and I’ve definitely noticed the difference since I stopped after high school. I also tried everything–ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop–so I completely understand that it does take strength and endurance to dance multiple times a week, just as with football, basketball or any other “sport.”

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  3. Dr. BK says:

    It’s nice to introduce yourself andcestablish your credibility to write on the subject. However, you never really get to how your blog is going to tie in to the name of the blog. Also, you need to proofread your work. Use correct capitalization and punctuation. Remember, people are who not that.

  4. lauraneal7 says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that dance is a sport! I know how awful it feels when someone degrades something you feel so passionately about. I cheered for nine years and I would get so upset when people did not consider it a sport. I think any activity where you can get injured and there is competition is a sport so I never understood why people questioned cheer and dance. We worked just as hard as those boys! We did Co-Ed cheer routines and once the boys had to start lifting and dancing, they finally realized that it was harder than it looks and appreciated us. I completely get where you’re coming from with this blog!

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  6. Dancing is a sport. I was not a dancer but I was a cheerleader and have been to several cheer and dance competitions the last few years. People who believe it isn’t “worthy enough” to be a sport are those who have never had to learn six eight-counts of choreography in a two hour practice. The muscle and body control a dancer has to have is unlike any other. You have to have the muscles of a gymnast, the grace of a ballroom dancer, the flexibility of a drill team member and the ability to memorize and flawlessly perform a routine that is unrivaled by any other sport. Not only is being perfect important but your perfection is only noticed if the entire squad is in sync, always. Imagine if basketball and football games required a flawless performance from beginning to end. It is ridiculous to me that people could think dancing is anything but a sport.

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  8. Kayla says:

    Cool blog post Miranda! I agree that dancing is definitely a sport. I took dance classes from age 4 to high school graduation here in Stillwater and loved it. I was never on the Pom squad at Stillwater but I danced in competitions for Encore! Dance Studio. I took ballet, tap, and jazz. Dancing takes a lot of practice and dedication just like any sport does and I really appreciate you speaking out for the hard work dancers put in to their passion 🙂 Way to represent for the Shock too. This gives them credit and good PR. Keep up the good work.

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